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You can quickly generate truly random passwords, keys and safe combinations with Kahunapule's Random Password Generator (kpwgen.exe). You can safely store and quickly find all of your passwords, keys, and combinations in one encrypted file protected by one master password with Kahunapule's Password Vault (kpwv.exe). These programs both runs on Windows XP and Vista with .NET or Mono, on Mac OS X with Mono, and on Linux with Mono.

Screen shot of kpwvHow many passwords do you have to keep track of? I have around 400, myself-- too many for me to memorize them all, especially the ones I use infrequently. It is tempting to use just one or a few passwords for everything, but that is bad security. If your password for one web site or other use gets compromised, it could lead to major problems with other password uses, including banking. The cure is to use separate passwords for everything, but keep track of them with a small cross-platform application like this. This program will run from a USB memory stick or other portable memory, as long as the host computer has a Mono or .NET runtime environment installed. This lets you carry your password list with you without worrying about losing it, even if you work on multiple operating systems. (You should keep a backup of your password file, of course, but if you lose your memory stick, you don't have to worry about someone finding it, getting your passwords, stealing your money and identity, and generally making trouble for you.)

Kahunapule's Password Vault and Kahunapule's Random Password Generator are free and open source software, distributed under the Gnu General Public License version 3 (or, at your option, any later version). I don't charge anything for this software beyond what you might pay for Internet access. However, if you would like to encourage free software development, and you are happy with this program, then I would encourage you to show your appreciation in a tangible form.

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